Why Your Websites Adsense Earning Are Low

Why Your Websites Adsense Earning Are Low

Is it possible To Earn A Living Wage With Adsense?
This is a common question. Many people are making a living from their Adsense earning. But many of those site owners started there websites decades ago.  Decades ago it was really easy to earn money with Adsense but today although not impossible it is much harder.  Using the adsense earning method isn’t a get rich quick overnight scheme.  You can’t just throw up a website and expect to be earning a living overnight.  It takes hard work. There’s some things you’ll certainly need to earn with Adsense.

This is one thing you’ll need to earn from Adsense. Well you can also monetize Youtube videos. But you must be good at creating videos that get lots of genuine views.  If you’re not good at videos, then the website is what’s best.   The website needs to have good navigation, good design and a few important pages otherwise you won’t get accepted.  Below I’ll list the important pages that you must have before applying for Adsense otherwise your application will be thrown out.

Terms Of Service
A Terms Of service is required. What is a Terms Of Service page?   A Terms of Service page is a page which I highly doubt anyone reads. ?  It’s a page that lists the Terms And Conditions Of your website. It’s a very long page that list rules, that one must agree to abide by in order to use a service. Terms of service can also be merely a disclaimer, especially regarding the use of websites.  We all know that hardly anyone reads those pages in full or at all. But you must have them on your website.  Also before applying for Adsense make sure you read over there Terms Of Service to find out what is acceptable and what is not.

Privacy Policy Page
You’ll also need a Privacy Policy Page. A privacy Policy page lets your visitors know what you will or will not do with their personal information.  This is another very important page that you must add.

About US Page
Adsense also wants you to have an about us page. Letting Users know more about your site.  You can list your address and other contact information on the About US Page. But you don’t have too.  You just need to describe a little about your website.  You can also checkout some of the adsense themes.

Site Map
A Site Map is also very important. Not for just adsense but it helps googles crawler bot crawl your website as well as helping your visitors navigate through your website.  If you’re using wordpress there are plugins that you can install that will install a sitemap on your site within minutes.

Contact Form
You also need to provide an easy way for your visitors to contact you in the event you need too.  Adding a simple contact form to your blog is also easy via wordpress plugins.  Now that we’ve talked about what you need to get into adsense. Let’s get the original topic of this blog post.

Can you really earn a living with Adsense?
The answer to this is a big YES. But it’s not a get rich quick scheme. Making money with Adsense requires patience, lots of targeted visitors and good content.  Don’t expect to setup a site, get approved and start making a living overnight as soon as you place the code. It doesn’t work that way.  Making a living is entirely possible, but you need a good niche to do so.

Don’t ever click on your own ads not even to test them. Doing so is fraud and against Adsense TOS.  If you work hard at getting the traffic and writing the content then the clicks will come naturally and genuinely. Also don’t ask friends or relatives to click them and never use any automated bot to click your ads.  Google will find out and your account will be banned and your earnings lost.

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