Monthly Budget Planner

Budget Spreadsheet

Becoming financial independent is a lot easier than you may think. There are a number of tools out there to help you get started. One of the first steps is creating a monthly budget. Weather you’re looking to payoff debt or looking to save for retirement, creating a personal budget will help you stay on track to meet your goal. This is where a monthly budget planner comes into play. The excel budget template will help you track your income and expense, while helping you achieve your financial goals.

Getting Started With The Budget Spreadsheet

Start off by downloading the excel budget spreadsheet. To get started you’ll need to create a monthly budget. Start off by entering your monthly income. Now you might have a little trouble coming up with a monthly budget for each category. The easiest way to get started is by estimating what your currently spend on each category. Now, you can go through and adjust as need to make sure you have a positive cash-flow. If you’re paying off credit cards, make sure to add the payments you plan to make. After finalizing your monthly budget, you’re ready to start

Excel Budget Template – Expenses

monthly budget template

Now you’re ready to start tracking your spend to the new budget you just created. The excel template allows you to upload your credit card, checking, and savings statements right from your bank. After uploading your statements into the monthly budget calculator you’re ready to start categorizing your expenses. The budgeting tool offers a smart categorization that learns how your categorize and will automatically categorize expenses in the future. This will save you hours each month when compared to other budget templates that have you enter each transaction one by one.

Adding Income To The Budget Planner

The excel spreadsheet will automatically create monthly income entries, based off what you entered your monthly income was after creating the budget. You also have the ability to add additional sources of income from investments, social security, rent, ect. You’ll be able to see a summarized view of your monthly incomes on the budget dashboard.

Excel Monthly Budget Template -Interactive Dashboard

Monthly budget planner Template

After entering your expenses and any additional income you’ll be able to access the budget planner dashboard. This allows you to view your budget monthly or yearly. You’ll also be able to see your income, total expenses, total savings and cash flow for that month. On the right side of the budget calculator you’ll notice all of your transactions are visible for the month. If you click on a category the transactions will be filtered to show just that category. This is helpful if you’re looking to identify where your money was spent. It can also be helpful in saving you money on things you might not be away of, such as memberships you no longer use.

Debt Snowball Excel Templates

You can also find our other excel templates, such as the debt snowball calculator. This tool can help you pay off credit card debt as quickly as possible, by creating a custom debt reduction plan. The excel snowball spreadsheet allows you to add debt such as credit card, auto loans, hospital bills, mortgage and much more. The snowball method is recommended by dave ramsey to payoff debt. This is done by paying the debt with the highest interest rate first and applying an extra payments to that account.