Free Search Engine Optimization Tools

Free Search Engine Optimization Tools

In the world of SEO, knowing about and having access to the finest tools could be a significant asset. Understanding how search engines work is important to maximizing your website’s traffic. This article is about the very best free tools available, to both novice Web marketers, and those of you who supply search engine optimization services on an expert basis. The below tools are in my opinion the very best free search engine optimization tools accessible online.

Woo Rank

Woo Rank is a free on-line analysis tools which is invaluable to search engine marketing consultants, simply enter a site url into this fantastic tool, and watch in awe whilst it prepares a comprehensive report relating to the state of the web sites optimization. It covers everything from server locality and configuration, to canonical content checks, and link profile. This tool is actually probably the most impressive I’ve come across in a number of years, and I’d don’t have any problems recommending woo rank to anybody reading this article.

There are additionally indications that Woo rank plan to make available an even more in depth and detailed analysis tool in the near future for premium users, although the exact cost of subscription and estimated time of launch have on the time of writing yet to be released. Not only does the free model of woo rank generate these amazingly detailed (and well presented) reports, but there’s also an option to print the report to pdf, either for personal use, or to send to your potential client. I personally know of at least a few well regarded consultancies who provide web optimization Services within the UK that have adopted the usage of this tool as a principal foundation of their quoting process.

SEOBook Firefox Toolbar

SEObook’s tool bar for Firefox actually is another must have tool for any sincere Web marketer. The tool bar is packed full of useful features, and here are three of the included options that I find essentially the most helpful and find myself using on a daily basis.

1. Rank Checker – The name says it all, SEObook’s tool bar contains a tool which lets you check the rankings of a web page for a number of keywords across the top three search engines. And as if that was not enough for free, SEObook also included functionality which allows you to save details of numerous domains and their keywords, this permits you to load predetermined campaigns to check in one click. The ranking results can then be exported to a csv file to be used in excel or open office.

2. SEO X ray – Another useful gizmo from the legendary SEObook, SEO X ray permits you to scrutinize a web page straight from your browser. In only one click you can view the number of inbound hyperlinks, conduct a meta tag evaluation which shows the key phrase density of keyword and description tags, examine page keyword density, and likewise the number of both internal and external hyperlinks which point to the web page you are analyzing. You can also choose to export the links as a spreadsheet or view who is information for the domain.

3. Site Info – Another of the important tools which makes SEObook’s tool bar a real must have is Site Info. This tool displays particulars of every little thing from domain age and inbound hyperlinks, to alexa rank, Page rank, and .gov and .edu hyperlink beneath each listing in Google’s search results.This tool is of obvious benefit whilst searching for potential hyperlink partners, but I would recommend that you just turn it off whilst it is not in use to cut back on load times.About the Author: