10 Creative Ways to Make Money

Most individuals are always looking for extra income. The reason being that they understand the need of money better than any other family member. Sometimes, the income of significant other is just not sufficient to meet monthly expenses. Finding new creative ways to make money will help you in meeting those monthly expenses.  Even if so, what about future savings and retirement?

Another reason is that some people have plenty of time for some constructive work. They can’t opt for 10-6 job, but after school/work, they want some part-time job to earn extra income.

In this Article, We’ll Analyze 10 Creative Ways to Make Money

  1. Home Tuition

If you’re educated enough, you can start tuition for your favorite subjects – Maths, Science, Computers etc. Just see what is the requirement in your area and what is your specialization. You can start 1-2 groups for different subjects also. Start with low fees to start your business. Once students start giving positive feedback for you to others, you can increase your fees.

If students are far away, you can use technology like Skype or any other video chatting software to give tuition through internet. You can even record your videos to play them later for other students. In this way, you’ll have your own e-library of lectures.

  1. Tailoring

It is one of the favorite of the 10 creative ways to make money. The reason being it’s simple to learn. Just 3-4 months, and you’ll become expert in cutting and tailoring suits for other ladies and kids.

Look at yellow pages of your area for “Learn Tailoring” column.

You can also seek help of some old lady to learn tailoring and pay her fees and / or some useful gift to her.

In this profession, you need not to go outside your home to earn money. Customers will come to your home for tailoring, stitching etc. and to take delivery of finished suit.

The small pieces of clothes, which are left over, on cutting and stitching are also useful. Just collect them in a bag and sell them later. You’ll earn good profit on that too.

  1. Event Managers

Ladies generally have organizational skills. Thanks to their experience of handling home and family members. But do you know you can use this skill to earn money?

Just become “Event Manager”. Now-a-days, people are too busy in their life to celebrate any event of their life. Be its birthday kitty parties, marriage, anniversaries, picnic, family get-together etc. They do not have time for booking restaurant or hotel, shopping, new clothes, invitation, entertainment, making menu for food etc. If you can manage such events, from start to end, and finally put smile on your customer face, you are in.

You’ll get handsome fees for all this and good reputation in your society too. You’ll have links with many people in a short span of time, which you can use for some other business later on.

Also, restaurant owners, jewelry showroom etc. give good commission to event managers. Talk openly to them before taking your customer there.

But remember, for the success of this profession, you need to move out of your house.

  1. Cooking

If you’re good in kitchen, leave everything else in this article, and read this carefully. Not every lady is a good cook. See your neighbor.

You can start cooking for kitty parties, lunch for nearby offices or some packed food. The food should be healthy, hygienic and not so salty or oily. Make the balance between health and taste.

Start learning new recipes from cooking books or cooking websites. You can even make video of your recipe and upload on YouTube and earn money from advertisement (Explore Google adsense).

  1. Trade in Stock market or Forex Market

If you’ve a finance background, you can start trading in stock market. You just need to open trading account with your stock broker and need software provided by them at your home computer. The software is generally free of cost. You busy some share at low levels and sell them at higher levels. That’s it.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. You need to have strong fundamental or technical knowledge of company / stock chart to put your hard earned money.

Stay away from Put / Call / Future Options. They are for experts only.

Trading in forex market is very risky. You can make millions in a day or forget them. Your principal amount can vanish before your eyes in just few seconds.

So, before you start any kind of trading, I suggest you to learn at least technical analysis of charts. It is not so difficult. You just need to download some free software, free technical indicators and some tutorial to learn. You may visit www.DodaCharts.com for free, well, and tested technical indicators for MetaTrader 4 and 5 ver. The software is also free of cost.

Just look for Doda-Donchian and Doda-Bollinger Bands indicators. Also, look for tutorial on Ichimoku indicator.

Then, open free demo account in MetaTrader and do practice there without investing your money. Once, you become little perfect with forex or stock market, start live trading with your money and increase your wealth.

“Trading in the Stock Market or Forex Market is One of The Creative Way to Make Money, but it Does Have A lot of Risk.”

  1. Write online for bloggers as freelancers

If you’ve studies even till high school, this job is for with the comfort of your home. Internet is full of websites and blogs. These blog owners or webmasters need to update their website from time to time; almost daily. And they need fresh and unique content for their website. For that, they’re always looking for someone who can write new articles for them.

Now, the question arises, how will you write something which you’ve not studies at all till now?

The answers is “Search the Google”. You’ll find every topic already on number of sites. Just read them and write an article in your own wordings. It is not so difficult. Even school going teenagers are doing it and earning handsome money.

  1. Baby sitter

Another one of the creative ways to make money is can becoming a good baby sitter. They already have good experience in handling and caring children with love and responsibility. You can spare some time and enjoy free time in caring of someone else kids and earn money. You’ll really enjoy company of other kids.

The type of work involves from changing diapers, playing with kids, helping them in their homework, making them sleep on time, making food for them or teaching driving. All this depends upon the agreement between parents and you.

  1. Work from home for your previous boss

If you were working somewhere previously, it’s time to call your ex-boss and look for some job, which you can do at your home. Many companies allow their employees to do work from their home. You just need computer and internet connection and submit the work via email etc. as required by your boss. This saves office cost and infrastructure cost of your boss too.

You’re also free from daily long journeys and routine politics of your office.

  1. Sell stuff on e-Bay

E-Bay is one of the most popular e-commerce site of the world. You can start your own business of selling items on this website. Just start from some useless and old, but in good condition, items from your garage and store. Put them on e-bay for sale and make money.

Later on you can visit some direct store in your area and try to bargain for low price for some useful item. Grab them and out it on your e-Bat account. It will take some time to earn good will on e-Bay; but once you prove your honesty, people will trust you quickly and will buy more from you.

  1. Try Fiverr.com

Every person will find something to earn from this website. Just look inside you and ask yourself what is your expertise. From making logo, writing article, making android application, making video for YouTube to designing website, making music, games – everything is here. You sell your expertise on this website and earn money.

People are really making money on this website.

Just join this website at fiverr and start your own business online.

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