How To Get Affiliate Traffic and Earn High Online Income

This is in continuation with my article E commerce on this blog. Out of many options of E commerce, affiliate traffic marketing is best option to promote quality products to earn high online income. It is defined as performance based marketing in which business reward affiliate(s) for each customer brought by the affiliates own marketing efforts. Here we will discuss affiliate marketing from the perspective of online or internet marketing.

Affiliate Traffic Explained

Concept of affiliate traffic marketing to promote good quality affiliate products to earn high online money is simple.  Merchant (also known as `retailer` or `brand`) wants to sell his or her goods through business associates. Affiliate is his business associate. Merchant offers various goods or products to affiliates. Now affiliate has to choose the products which he wants to market. Affiliate is also known as publisher.  Affiliate has nothing to do with stores, inventory, investment or any fulfillment responsibility. He chooses one of the product or site itself by registering with merchant. Merchant offers a hyperlink with all details.

Publisher or affiliate now publishes or make advertisement of this link using his marketing skills over internet. Visitors interested in particular products through keyword searches reaches to affiliate link. Visitor clicks the link and link takes him to merchant’s website. Visitor reads all details and if he chooses to buy the product he or she orders the same. Here visitor is converted into a customer who pays for the item. The moment sale takes place publisher or affiliate gets his or her commission.   

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and successful concept to earn enormous money online. Affiliate has no role other than marketing the link of a product or website. Everything related is taken care by merchant. Literally you can do this business with zero investment. Customer never knows who is affiliate .It is also beneficial to merchant. It is the type of leveraged income means you are earning through the efforts of thousands of affiliates with nominal and minimal cost. Affiliates are like your marketing personnel who will be paid against performance means sale. It is completely win win situation for affiliate and merchant.

How To Select an Affiliate?

There are thousands of e commerce and other sites which work through affiliates. One more thing to be noted here. Merchant need not to be producer or manufacturer of the goods or services. Just like publisher, producer of goods can register with Merchant for sale of his product. Here merchant charges some amount to producer. This can be done by two ways. First is merchant collects the stock from producer and does everything further till delivery.  Learn How To Make Money From Home!

Second option is merchant passes the order to manufacturer and in turn manufacturer fulfills the order. Literally each and everything is sold through this concept. You can sell mobiles, smart phones, books, coaching programs, websites and many more things. So there is scope for everybody who wants to try this. Thousands of affiliates are making huge all time efforts to market the chosen products. Needless to say results are bound to come when skill of thousands of persons are combined together.

Affiliates market the link through multiple ways. We will discuss all these marketing strategies one by one in subsequent chapters. Link is advertised through social media, directories, affiliate traffic exchanges, classified advertisements (Paid or free), e mail marketing etc. Even people develop websites, Blogs , landing pages etc. These are all online ways. You can also make advertisement of your online business using offline methods. One can advertise in newspaper, hoardings, arrange seminars, distribute leaflets etc.

“Affiliate Traffic: Offline advertisements attract visitors who do not work online frequently.”

Earlier we saw opportunities to earn money with simple work like paid to click sites, filling survey forms etc. Here you will earn instant money without any investment. However earning will be in cents and it takes long time to earn decent money which requires hundreds of referrals. Progress is very slow and requires lot of patience. Affiliate traffic marketing on the other hand offers you opportunity to earn more. You have to select good products with good commission and apply online marketing techniques. It may take some time to happen first sale, however you have to be persistent with your efforts. Never Quit.

Success Brand –

There are many well known successful examples worldwide and region wise also. I always like to quote name of Amazon. com as most successful example of an  e commerce website .The success is possible only with affiliates. Amazon’s headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington. It is currently the largest Internet based retailer in the United States. Amazon has started as an online bookstore later diversified to sell DVD, Blue Ray, CD`s etc. Further they started to sell apparel, furniture, food, toys, Jwellery etc. Amazon has separate retail websites in 15 countries including China, India, and Germany etc.  Affiliates can choose from about 1 lakh products available on Amazon. This is just one example.

Amazon is the most trusted online brand. E bay, Commission Junction, Strong Future International, Click bank etc are the prominent examples of grand success worldwide.  In India Flip kart is a big success on internet. These grand success is possible due to millions of affiliates who are making day and night efforts to sell products and companies are becoming bigger and bigger. The commission varies from site to site.

Let me remind you that online money is not easy money. Do not fall prey to claims of overnight riches .If you work with dedication you will definitely succeed an any area of earning you chose. You will get  lot of guidance on net free and paid both. You can write your any query in comments section I will respond the same at earliest.  Follow my blog and start promoting good quality products to earn huge online.

Work From Home Jobs

If you’re fed up with the day job, you may be looking for ways to work from home. Indeed, the entire concept of being able to work from the comfort of your own home has appealed to people ever since the industrial revolution. Cities are becoming bigger, wages are decreasing (with regards to inflation)  and the demands at work are becoming greater than ever before. Stress is paramount, anxiety is growing, the list goes on and on… you just want to get out of it all! Believe me, I know how you feel.

Before we go any further, I want to tell you how much I dislike the phrase work from home jobs. The very first word within this sentence… work. What does it imply? It implies the same paper grinding, stress creating tasks that you do at work, without coworkers that you can have a laugh with. Imagine doing everything you did at work, but from home. Sure, it may seem ideal at first, but after a few months you’ll end up growing incredibly bored, and miss the work environment (I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true).

So, I’m going to use the phrase “work from home” in a different manner. I’m not going to be talking about working for anyone else, as to me that’s mind numbingly pointless work. Instead, when I use this phrase, I’m going to be referring to working for yourself. There’s nothing more satisfying, more exciting, and ultimately more rewarding, than doing work from home when it’s for your own benefit, not the benefit of any other person or business.

So, whenever you hear me use this phrase, I’m going to be referring to working for yourself, not anyone else. I just thought I should make that clear.

My Background Story On How I Started Working From Home

Work From Home Jobs 8 to 5I remember once upon a time when I went into work each day to work for someone else and helped them become rich. The drive itself took about three quarters of an hour, and sometimes I’d end up just taking the bus instead. When I arrived at work I’d try to keep myself interested whilst doing boring tasks for the next 8 hours. Sure, it was fun having a chat with work colleagues, and catching up on (or maybe even creating) a little gossip. These fun times made the boredom of the day go easier, until finally it was 5pm and time to go home.

Once I got home I could spend maybe two hours with the family after dinner, watching a movie or something like that, before I had to go to bed and repeat this same routine again the next day, year after year. I soon got into such a pattern doing this that I never thought anything of it, I thought that it was normal. And therein lied the problem.

The moment you accept working for another person to be normal, is the moment there’s something wrong. Heck, you’ve become so accustomed to this form of work that you’re even looking for ways to work from home for others through the Internet – you cannot seem to break out of this never ending cycle of working for another person. I have to ask you this – why punish yourself needlessly?

Work From Home – My Journey Finally Begins

A few years ago, I did a search, just as you did, for ways to work from home. To me, there was no other way to make money. Looking back at it all now, I smile at how naive I was at the time. You see, the real way to make money is by starting up an online business. Not only do you have the ability to work from home, but this work is productive to you. You’re the one benefiting from it, not anyone else.

But how would you go about setting up a profitable online venture? Surely it’s already been done? Well yes, but not to the extent that you think.

Finding The Right Work From Home Jobs

You see, every year there are new people being connected to the vast commercial world of the Internet for the first time in their lives. Whilst these people are happy to spend money to solve a problem of theirs.  They often can’t find what they’re looking for.  There are literally thousands of profitable niches out there.  The problem is there aren’t enough online marketers to cover them all.  This reason many people who want to spend money aren’t able to. This is where you come in.

By carving out your own unique niche, you can appeal to a certain target audience with a product or service of your own. Let’s say Mary Jane has a problem with training her German shepherd to sit. She may be willing to pay $40 on an ebook that could teach her how to train her dog to do this. If you had a product about training German shepherds, and you advertised it correctly by finding out how a person like Mary typically looks for a solution to her problem, then your product, and Mary’s problem, collide head on – resulting in a sale for you. That’s not a bad way to work from home, surely?

How To Get Started – Rebranding

Work From Home RebrandingBut what do you do if you don’t have your own product? What if you have no expertise about a particular niche, even if you know it’s going to be profitable? This is where having other people write products for you comes into play. Why go to the effort of writing your own 200 page eBook and selling it, when you could just pay someone else to write it for you? But wouldn’t this cost a lot of money? Yes… it would, unless you divided that cost among 100 people, and each of you had your own “individual license” to rebrand the eBook and sell it as your own original work. Suddenly, having your own original products that you can sell online becomes incredibly cheap, and easy. This is what’s known as product rebranding.

I work from home by product rebranding. I simply find problems that people have, and then I’ll buy rebranding rights to an ebook that addresses those problems. The rebranding rights allow me to sell the ebook as my own. I replicate this same technique in many niches, and I now live comfortably (I don’t have to go to work anymore, nor be the gossip queen).

So, how do you find rebrandable products? Where do you buy them? Can you get them free? How do you sell them and work from home once you have them? These are common questions anyone new to Internet Marketing asks, and in my free mini-course below I’m going to answer each of these questions, and give you specific step-by-step strategies to finding rebrandable products, setting up your own website, domain, payment processor, and teach you ways to market the products effectively.

The Path To Financial Freedom

Read “Make Money Online” for more information.  I’m also going to send you weekly business tips and guides that you can use to help you run your own online business, work from home, and obtain financial freedom. Who knows, maybe in a few months from now you’ll be the one telling your boss to “get lost”.

Make Money From Home

Since time immemorial, people have wanted to forego the typical 9-5 work week in favor of making a full time living working from home. But is it really possible to make money from home, or are all of those sites out there claiming to deliver miracles, really just scams? In this post I hope to answer this question.

When someone talks about making money from home, they could of course be talking about any method.  They usually refer to packaging envelopes, writing a book, right through to running a business. For the purposes of this post I’d like to make a distinction in what I mean by “make money from home“, and what most sites mean by it. Whenever you hear this phrase, it most often refers to making money from the Internet by working from home.  It’s usually in a field known as “Internet Marketing”.  Internet Marketing has been around since the Internet was first released to the general public, and people have always pushed Internet Marketing further and further to try and discover the next “latest and greatest” method to turn the Internet into a money generating machine.

Throughout the last couple of decades, new millionaires have been made, and fortunes created.  New online companies were also forged, thanks purely to the Internet. Most of the Internet entrepreneurs who made it “big” online didn’t do it by working a 9-5 job.  They also didn’t do it by setting up a typical bricks and mortar business. They instead had an idea that could turn the Internet into money, an idea that was unique to any other in their time, and they exploited that idea correctly. Most importantly, they took action.

Is There Still An Opportunity For Me Earn Money From Home?

SMake Money From Home Nowo, is it possible to still make money from home, or has it been over done to the point that there’s now too much competition? The answer to this question is that there’s never been a better time to make money online. Each year, millions of new people are being connected to the Internet for the first time. The vast majority of these people will go on to purchase an online product, with many of them making multiple purchases. In all truth and honesty, there’s not enough competition to cater for all these new cyber citizens. Online businesses are now a dime a dozen, and the reason they’re growing exponentially is because there’s demand for digital products. Believe it or not, but the Internet is now an absolute gold mine for money making, if you know what you’re doing.

Now if there’s one thing I want to teach you in this post, it’s that you shouldn’t fall prey to the typical advertisements which claim to be able to teach you how to “make money from home” overnight, doing almost nothing. I can assure you that most of these so called courses will profit the creators, but not you. In short, don’t fall for them. All the information you need to earn a full time living from the Internet is available online for free.

What To Watch Out For When Getting Started

Make Money From Home Watch OutI know, it’s a common trap we all fall into, and I did too at one time. You see that pretty covered eBook with all of its big red fonts promising you miracles, and you think to yourself “ohh what’s $50, I’ve got nothing to lose” only to find out that the eBook was nothing special. If you only made this mistake once that would be fine, but most people who are new to the Internet Marketing game make this mistake at least ten times before they either give up in disgust, or realize that the key to make money from home isn’t buying cheap courses, it’s by learning from already experienced marketers, and doing what they teach you.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are of course some courses out there that are top quality.  I myself spend a lot of money on online courses and other informational products.  With that being said, the difference is that I’ve been in the game long enough to know which authors are the real deal, and which ones are overnight con artists. I can’t afford to be scammed anymore, since I now work from home as a full time living.  Now if I lost more money than I made from scams, I wouldn’t be in business anymore.

So I’ve told you that it’s possible to make money from home, and I’ve also told you to be wary of scam products, but I haven’t actually told you how to make any money yet, have I?

The Fast Track To Making Extra Money From Home

I’m going to reveal to you my strategy right now that I use to make a full time living from home, and no, I’m not going to ask you to signup to any course or pay any money for an eBook (don’t worry, I know how that feels). This formula is so surprisingly easily, so simple, that you probably won’t believe me if I told you it. I know you won’t, but I’ll tell you it anyway. Are you ready for it? The key to make money from home is quite simply selling your own digital products.

There, I said it.

Think of it for a moment. You have millions of people around the world who all have millions of questions and problems. Relationship issues, health issues, you name it, people have it, and guess where they look to find answers to these questions? Yep, you guessed it – the Internet.

If you can create digital information products that solve these peoples issues and answer their questions, then they’ll pay money for them. Market these products correctly and get them well known enough, and before you know it you’ll have an online business accumulating a small fortune for you whilst you sleep. The beauty with digital products is that you don’t need to package anything in a box and ship it out to anyone, the process is entirely automated. People pay some money to you, and they automatically receive their eBook. This frees up so much time that conventional businesses don’t have, allowing you to create more and more products, and expand your online empire further into new niches.

Start Earning Money From Home!

Make Money From Home RebrandingBelieve it or not, but that’s all there is to it – well, at least as far as the concept is concerned. There are of course exact strategies you must learn, and no one said that the process was entirely easy. If it was, everyone would make money from home and not need to work a day time job.  In all honesty the process isn’t as difficult as you may think. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy.  The reason most people don’t make money from home is because they give up before they even get started.

I’ve written a mini-online course (free of course) which teaches people, such as yourself, how to make money from home by selling digital products. In this mini-course I cover typical hurdles that “newbies” have.  This includes how to sell your own digital product if you don’t have the time to make your own.  The process of selling your own digital products is known as re-branding.  It will also cover how to setup a website, and payment processor to accept payments and deliver your eBooks to your customers automatically.

Once again, the course won’t cost you a dime! For more information read Making Money From Home Today. If you’re interested in learning how to make money from home, I highly recommend you signup to my free Newsletter below, and I’ll send you your course right away.

Start Making Money From Home Today

So, you want to start making money from home, but aren’t too sure where to start?

Making Money From Home Where To StartEarning an income from the internet by setting up your own online business is perhaps the best way to go.  Lots of people think that they’d just like a normal job but one that’s based from home. The problem with this is that you’re still working for someone, you’re still being a “slave to the system” so to speak.  There’s no doubt that the best way to earn money from home, is by working for yourself.

Now, one common complaint against this is that there’s a supposed “lack of security”. Even if you put in 50 hours of work a week, there’s still no guarantee that you’re going to see any returns. Many people prefer the security of a real job, and for this reason the whole concept of making money from home doesn’t really appeal to them.

Whilst this may be justified to some extent, it is in many ways the mindset of failure. You see, with a normal job you’ll always be working for the same wage, year after year. There’s no hope of ever “making it big” by working for others. This may appeal to most people, but you have to ask yourself, does it really appeal to you? Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of running your own online business, you should be focusing on some of the more positive aspects.

The Benefits of Making Money From Home

Making Money From HomeTake for example the possibility that you do in fact end up succeeding. Imagine that you’ll be laying in the sun on some beautiful beach in Hawaii, or the Philippines, maybe Florida Keys… typing away on your laptop whilst sipping on your cocktail. Would you even call that work, or would you call it indulgence?

The thing is, is that that sort of lifestyle isn’t impossible, in fact, it can be realistic if you’re dedicated and enthusiastic enough, and apply your mind to it. But “it all seems too impossible”, “if I could making money from home, then surely everyone else would already be doing it”. Believe it or not, but most people are ignorant of just how much of a wealth generating medium the Internet is.

What Do You Have To Lose?

It’s not unrealistic to expect failure if you make a half-hearten attempt at  working online, of course, anything can happen… but it’s much more likely you will succeed if you apply your mind correctly, and study what you’re taught.  The reason success is more likely is because the Internet is literally screaming out for new business minded people, new entrepreneurs looking to make it big. The industry is now bigger than ever, and claiming your piece of the online money pie has never been easier.

Of course, these could all just be fanciful words, but you must ask yourself, have you really even tried to making money from home? I’m not talking about doing a few Google searches and finding out information about filling in surveys, that’s kids stuff. The real way people earn money from the Internet is by having the mindset of a business owner. You’re no longer an employee working for someone, you’re no longer the person straining yourself endlessly to try and make ends meet, instead you’re the person that’s going to land it big, and you’re going to create the next big online project that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars… well, that’s the mindset you should have, at least.

The Mindset Required To Make Money From Home

Making Money From Home FocusBut what if I told you this mindset in itself is the first step to success? You see, all that’s really involved in making money from home is simply finding a profitable niche, creating a product for the niche, and then marketing it and selling it. That’s all there is to it. But then of course, the typical questions of doubt plague your mind “ohh but I don’t know how to create a product” and “I don’t know how to find a niche” and of course “what if I spend all my free time creating a product and marketing it but don’t make any sales?”. These are, once again, questions that a mindset geared towards failure will ask.

My challenge to you is this: make a decent attempt before believing that failure is so probable. What have you got to lose? Wasting a few hours of your precious time on a potentially life changing opportunity? We’re all pessimistic to a certain extent, but letting that pessimism destroy any hope of success we could ever have is a very bad thing.

The question is, are you going to take my challenge, or give up already? Try out my free online course which teaches you ways to make a full time living by selling your own digital products. In it I’ll teach you ways to acquire products that you will have a license to sell as your own, without the need to create them, nor even pay for their creation.

Making Money From Home By Selling Digital Products

Making Money From Home By Selling Digital ProductsWith your own digital products that you’re free to sell as your own, and with my proven marketing techniques, how can you really go wrong? Whilst thousands of other people are out there, trying to figure out ways of making money from home by completing online surveys and other such nonsense, you are here, reading this message, possessing a glimmer of hope they don’t have. Don’t throw that away, make a decent attempt, and I promise you, it will be worth your effort.

By starting my own site I wanted the freedom and benefits of making money from home. This site was created to help people become debt free.  I cover a range of things from improving credit score to 401k investing.  By creating this 401k calculator, I was allowing individuals to quickly see the impact changing your contributions will have on your 401k.  This 401k calculator was intended to help everyday people get ready for retirement.  There’s also an article on 401k contributions limits for 2017.

Give Making Money From Home A Chance

I left my day job a long time ago, and since then I’ve come to realize that the vast majority of people in this world are dreamers. They dream about succeeding, they dream about implementing incredible goals, but that’s where it ends, there’s never any action. They’re the same types of people that will never make it big.  So you have to ask yourself, are you a dreamer, or a person that takes action? I’m not here trying to fool you, or con you out of your money, heck, there’s no sales button on this website, try your best to find a way to give me money, and you won’t find it. Because my goal isn’t to be yet another “marketing guru with the answer for everything”, instead I want to teach you how you too can replicate the techniques I use, free.

Check out our continued post on “Make Money From Home“.  I consider it my way of giving back to the people that once upon a time taught me what I know today.